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Как мы создаем фотокниги

Какие еще подарки можно сделать из фотографий?

Какие фотографии выбрать для фотокниги?

Какие создать интересные подписи к фотографиям?

Что важно знать при создании фотокниги своими руками?

Какие материалы используются для разных фотокниг?


Наш сайт посвящен дизайну и печати фотокниг, изготовлению свадебных фотокниг и фотоальбомов, выпускных фотокниг и фотоальбомов для школ и детских садов.

About project

Our site is dedicated to design and print photo books, photo books and making wedding photo album, graduation photo books and photo albums for schools and kindergartens.

We do not keep the staff professional photographer, because it does not consider it necessary. The fact is that each photographer's your opinion on the photo, and we do not want to limit your choices in this direction, but if you need a professional, we can recommend to you our freelance photographers.

We like to create a photo book of pictures that you choose yourself and for us it does not matter whether you do them yourself or hire a photographer. In any case, our designers will make every effort to memorable images you have found a decent cover.

I would like to make a reservation. Their products on our site, we often call the photobook. This is fairly new in our common parlance the word, but he already has a meaning. What is a photobook?

Photobook - is created by inidvidualnomu order books on a particular topic, the combined original design, each page of which is a photographic or printing a thumbprint, which combines the processed photos, commentaries and artistic elements.

Photo books are not sold in stores, they made a limited edition only on your order. It is for this reason photobook is a unique gift. You may be firmly convinced that the same book not give nobody else.

How it all began. Mom - the best photographer

Almost every family has a good tradition - to consider the old family photo albums. We carefully leafing through solid pages, separated by a crispy textured rubber stamp. Tucks in corners of the accident vybivshiesya photos. And stares, stares at your favorite family person.

In fact - Photo Gallery - very simple model of time machine. He takes us back in the days of youth and childhood. He reveals to us the days when our grandparents were young, and mom and dad did not know about each other.

We really appreciate those pictures - and we aim to continue the tradition of taking photos of our children. Especially now it is much easier. Digital camera as we simplified the process of photographing. Its potential is almost limitless - a portrait, motion, pictures in the dark and the bright sun. Click - and all of us easily gets a great shot.

But what happens next. Our children are growing up, the pictures are multiplying, we transfer them to a computer, leaving the process "to later" ...

We, the creators of this site, this situation is also found to be close. Some time later - we have gigabytes of images and ... anything that could look through yourself, show your friends or acquaintances, to give her grandmother on March 8 ...

That's when we had the idea that it would be nice to handle the best photos and create photo books based on them. We picked up pictures on the topics a little "smoothing" them in Photoshop, developed the design of web pages and printed photobooks. Now we had a material embodiment of our labors. And of course we have shown from our family and friends.

So we had the first customers:

* Grandma wanted a compact version of the photo book pages from solid spring loaded - she liked to frequently flip through the album, always keep it in your purse, show her friends.
* We ourselves - my mother, and having fun leafing through photo books on the first year of life for our children. Bows, flowers, buttons - digital scrapbooking technique is ideally suited for these photo books.
* Kids love to think about the rest - we will definitely make out the photo book about our trip to the holiday. In addition, there are much nicer to show friends and family than just a stack of photographs.
* My friend got a wedding gift - we have collected her best photos from birth to this significant day. He has designed a colorful photo book, brand it hilarious commentary. When her baby is born - will be easy to determine what features he inherited from his mother.
* End of kindergarten, first grade - in our lives and our children so many important moments! Photobook helps keep them on the best memories.

Another argument in favor of photo books is that the miles of it, you screen out uninteresting pictures. As a result, when viewing a photo book consists precisely what impression you want to keep. Your friends, acquaintances and you will be looking through photo book, do not spend time reviewing the unsuccessful shots, and enjoy only the best.

To date, the Internet can find the sea suggestions from professional photographers. You will be prompted to come to the photo shoot, or children's photos can come to your home. As a result of their work you usually get 20-30 pictures and a CD with all the footage. A combination of "All the footage" sounds, of course, convincing. But let's think, what is it really? In fact - it is 2 hours in the life of your child's eyes, though professional, yet totally alien to him man.

That's why we believe that the best photographs of children - it is their parents. Who is better mom and dad knows her child, whom he is less shy, and who, if not they, are always near? We like working with images, you have made and selected for yourself. Despite the fact that most of you photographers - amateur, your photos are full of love for their children, it is noticeable and that these cadres would like to impress on photobooks. We will help you in choosing interesting frames, if you have any doubts. Try to improve dear to you, but not quite udavshiesya shots. We will also be happy to share with you simple tips on photographing children.

Wedding Photobook

Now we want to offer another service - is a design and print wedding photo books. Move carefully to the choice of the creator of your wedding album if you want to get something really stylish and original.

Very often, a wedding photographer would offer you to photobooks. Find out who develops the design of this photobook, and how many books already published on the proposed templates. You can be a wonderful photographer and designer, not be at all. No less important are the materials of which made your photo book. You want to show it to friends, relatives and friends, save it to a golden wedding, and it is 50 years old! We produce photo books from the finest materials that are available on the market today and are designed specifically for creating photo books.

Family photo archive

If your intention is to leave to their descendants Tome and family background, we have to work hard.

You probably want to include in the book of old family photos done in black and white color photos printed with modern digital films and images. Restoration of old family photos - it's very fine work - updated images should preserve the natural look.

Our problem - seamlessly connect them together, smooth transitions between different styles of photos and develop a suitable design of pages and covers. When viewing a photo book should not create the impression that you are looking at some completely different books. For this book is not suitable standard layout - it must be unique, but in the pages of our site you will find examples of design pages of family photo archive.

Photobook Business

Our photobooks are widely used in business. Any businessman knows that you can not always show their products firsthand. It can be very expensive (jewelry) or very large (construction projects, major equipment) items. Even more difficult is the case, if you want to visualize the service.

Sometimes the meeting is simply not enough time to tell a potential customer everything he needs to know about your business. In such cases, the photobook will be your worthy companion. In it you will be able to present their products in a compact, easy to read format. Think and do photo comments, leave your contact information.

Photobook, made with high quality and stylish interpretation of the seriousness of your intentions, it's not just a flyer or evrobuklet. In addition, it characterizes you as a modern and successful businessman.

Here are some areas where have been successfully used business photobooks:

* Construction (business centers, town houses, cottages)
* Design (landscape, interior, holiday)
* Product catalog (watch, jewelry, furniture)
* Menu of restaurants and cafes.

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