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Как мы создаем фотокниги

Какие еще подарки можно сделать из фотографий?

Какие фотографии выбрать для фотокниги?

Какие создать интересные подписи к фотографиям?

Что важно знать при создании фотокниги своими руками?

Какие материалы используются для разных фотокниг?


Наш сайт посвящен дизайну и печати фотокниг, изготовлению свадебных фотокниг и фотоальбомов, выпускных фотокниг и фотоальбомов для школ и детских садов.


What is the difference between a photo book and a photo album?

The original album is a place for storing photos. When we buy an album in the store, we agree with its design offered by the manufacturers, we can only arrange photos in the pocket. Photo book on the contrary also includes the designer's work, that arranges the photos, the editor, which makes the necessary signatures, and, finally, the printing shop, that prints the finished photo books. You, our customers being the authors of the photos more often play the role of the editors. If you do not believe much in your literary talent, we are ready to come and help you. We’ll do all the  rest  work for you with pleasure.


Why is it necessary to make photo books and why the usual photo albums are worse?

Photobook is more long-lived than photos made in a usual way. Photobooks are printed on special paper, which preserves the colors in their original form much longer. For example, take some old glossy magazine and pictures from your album - you'll notice that the magazine paints remained the same bright, but the pictures fade over time.


Why do you do mainly baby photobooks?

Childhood is the best and, alas, the shortest time of life. We want you and your adult children to enjoy the pleasant memories of childhood at any time.


What is a family photo book?

This is a great team-work. You’ll probably prefer to include in the book  old family photos done in black & white, color photos, printed with modern digital films and images. Our aim is to combine them organically into a coherent whole, to smooth transitions between different styles of photos and develop a suitable design of pages and covers. Standard models are not suitable for such a book: this model must be unique. A good family should always have family values. We will be glad if you add our photobooks to them .


Can I include printed old photos into a family photo book?

Of course you can. Some of them often need repair and it is a very fine work  because  the restored photos should retain a natural look. Another task that is no less difficult but we solve it- is to place the restored photos in perfect harmony with modern digital images in the photo book. When you are looking  through a photobook you mustn’t have an impression that you are looking  through some totally different books.

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