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Как мы создаем фотокниги

Какие еще подарки можно сделать из фотографий?

Какие фотографии выбрать для фотокниги?

Какие создать интересные подписи к фотографиям?

Что важно знать при создании фотокниги своими руками?

Какие материалы используются для разных фотокниг?


Наш сайт посвящен дизайну и печати фотокниг, изготовлению свадебных фотокниг и фотоальбомов, выпускных фотокниг и фотоальбомов для школ и детских садов.

Materials for photobooks

Photo books that we offer to you, can be divided into two large groups. The main difference between these photobooks from each other - this type of printing and paper form.

The first group photo books - it's photobook, made on photo paper, a chemical method (which is what the paper used to print the pictures in the studio).

The second group of photo books - photo books made on special paper, printing method (an example of a print can be found on calendars, promotional booklets, etc.).

Let's look at materials for photo books in detail. Let us examine their strengths and weaknesses. Try to understand photobook which group will be most suitable for you, consider additional options to help make your photo book is even more original.

Photo book on photographic paper

Dignity photobooks:

- More high quality color, natural color, through the use of photo paper exactly
- Each turn of the book is opened 180 degrees
- Turn the book is not divided in two panes, you can place an image wider than the size of one page, ideal for panoramas, close-ups
- Sheets are a solid foundation and do not wring


- Greater weight and volume
- Higher price
- A limited number of pages - up to 60 (30 turns)
- Special storage conditions

It is best to print:

- Wedding Photobook
- Gift Photobook
- Family photo archive
- Photobook for very frequent views

In this section, prices are called photobooks photobooks with thick pages. Each turn of this photobook is printed on one sheet of photo paper on one side, then the book were collected and pasting images obtained on board and making out in hardcover. For photo books using cardboard thickness from 0,7 mm to 1,5 mm, so the pages are obtained by dense stiff.

Binding can be covered zalamirinovannym image (photo cover) or decorated PVC coated, artificial or natural leather. This is a complete durable hardcover book. A cheaper option binding - it's hard pages, connected staple, a cover made in the form of another photo on a solid basis (similar books are made with thick pages for young children).

Printing pictures is made on minilabs NORITSU QSS-32, which is equipped with a laser system display and uses a technology patented by Noritsu Koki, called "multi-paper-matching", to be placed on photographic paper vysokachestvennye prints with a resolution of 300dpi. Using a special laser head of a graphic image RGB-file are exhibited on photo paper with light-sensitive emulsion, then mark falls into the classic "wet" process. To print pages photobook using professional Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper two types - Matte Lustre and premium silk DPII Silk.

Photobook, made printing method

Dignity photobooks:

- Ability to print large photo books (100 pages)
- A variety of options for binding
- Low cost for a large number of pages
- Lightweight
- Durability and wear resistance of paper
- Practicality in storage


- Compulsory division turn into 2 parts (you can not print an image larger than one page)
- Restrictions on color reproduction

It is best to print:

- Graduation Photobook
- Photo book with many pages
- Budget photobooks, events (birthdays, travel, vacation, etc.)
- Photo book with advertising

Printing press - making the lottery printed using the digital equipment. Under the digital equipment to understand the device, print directly from electronic files received from the workstations. Digital printing lets you print a document using a computer without any additional processes, prepress giving commands directly to printing equipment.

Print pages produced on various types of paper at once from two sides. Next page pamphlet in the book. For binding using various methods of fastening pages - clip (as in conventional notebooks), spring, hardcover. The choice of binding photobooks will be discussed below, but for now, let's define the paper.

For this type of printing paper is used with special qualities:

* Weight (density) of paper - for pages photobook used from 80 to 250 grams per square meter, the cover photo book - 300 grams per square meter. Changes of tissue paper is better borne by the reversal, and thicker pages less wear. Photobook on a spring is better to make more dense pages, as the spring holes weaken the page and from frequent and careless turning pages can be torn. For photobook on the clip is usually taken to a finer paper, especially if a lot of pages. Selecting the paper thickness also depends on the number of pages in the photobook. It is important that the pages looked perfectly bound photobook and did not look too "skinny" or "too fat".

* Coating - drawing on paper of a special layer, which increases its whiteness and smoothness. High smoothness - one of the most important characteristics of the coated papers. Smoothness exponent not only ensures optimal interaction of paper and ink, but also improves the optical properties of the surface that receives a colorful image. White, perfect flatness, high reflectivity, plus a dense, rich layer of paint gives a bright, juicy image. Your album will look attractive, but colors are not darkened over time due to the good stability of leaf color and printed image. In addition, this paper is considered environmentally clean. Normally, this kind of photo books, we only use high quality coated paper. But we are ready to meet your ambitions to create unique photo books, offering a choice of several design types of paper - with different surface and texture.

* Gloss or gloss - is the result of specular reflection surface of the paper the incident on her light. Gloss glazed paper may be 75-80%, and matte - up to 30%. Most consumers are printed materials (including photo books) prefers glossy paper, but the gloss is not always needed. For example, to print mostly text, use paper with a minimum gloss (matte). A page with lots of photos obtained on the fine paper with high gloss.

The choice of binding photobooks depends primarily on its thickness. Once again we would remind you that the photo book should look harmonious and not look too "skinny" or "too fat".

Sometimes a customer wants to get a photo book in hardcover, and typed pages are not a lot. In this case, you can choose thicker sheets may even prefer photobook with thick pages. Or, conversely, photo book with many pages (over 60) should not produce at the clip - the connection of sheets will be short-lived.

In order to further highlight your photo book, among others, or simply to decorate it, there are additional options:

* Lamination cover photo books (matte or glossy). Matte lamination suitable for more serious books, glossy good looks on the children, festive photobooks.
* Clear (transparent) plastic cover to the photo book on the spring. They will give finality to your album, will save it from wear.
* Emboss on the cover of hardcover. You can decorate the cover photo book frame, drawing or inscription.
* Decorative metal corners on the cover of your photobook.
* Wrapper for photobooks. Very good for photo books with hardcover leather and imitation leather, if you still want to decorate the cover or how the image.

It is impossible in one article to describe all the options available to create a photobook. We can offer you different design options, the choice is yours. Promise that is not dependent on the option selected, you will get the original high quality photo book.

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